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Every poker player has to start from the beginning

Every poker player must understand that you need to start from the beginning.

If you’re a beginner in poker, it is okay. Even professional poker players had to start as a beginner. Just like the rest of us, you have to play.

You might have seen the World Series of Poker on TV or read some of the books about poker. Perhaps you’ve been to a gambling establishment and stood at the table in a poker room. Or perhaps you’ve tried your luck online.

However, the best way for you to learn poker is in a live game.

Now you’re ready to dive in to the poker waters. You have been seated at a poker table at the casino. You whisper, “Hi,” to other players and the dealer. Your hands feel clammy, you have sweat on your upper lips and are lightheaded. (Yes, it’s true.

You feel overwhelmed and shy about going to the poker table. You don’t know what you can expect and are feeling unsure about yourself. “Are other players going to run all the over me?” this is what you think, and you allow your own hype to intimidate.

The first hand is here! You examine your hole cards carefully, making sure to know exactly what they are. The Ace and Jack of Hearts. You should have remembered what the poker books said about good starting hand. What should I do? All you have to do is call.

King of Spades (ten of Hearts), and Four of Hearts are the flops. Wow! Four to a straight and four for a flush. While you may try to be nonchalant, your heart beats faster. You call the bet.

The Jack of Spades (or the Jack of Spades) is the turn card. “Okay. It’s not too bad, at least I have two pairs,” you tell the little poker player within of you.

The dealer discards the card and then, in slow motion, places down the river card. The nine of Hearts! You are the nut high flush.

“Checkraise, checkraise, checkraise,” you are screaming.

“No, no. It’s impossible. I’m just starting. What do I know ?,”, the scaredy-cat. Now, place the necessary bet.

The hand raises were the last remaining game. What could he possibly have? You stare at the deck of cards and check what cards you have. The other players are watching you and waiting for you to do something.

Somewhere you can hear your voice crackle, “Re-raise.”

Your opponent calls the reraise and shows you a King-high straight. You flip your cards over to the dealer, who declares, “Winner Ace-high flush”, pushing you into the pot.

You can hear the losing player grumble “Beginner’s luck” as you stack up your chips.

It’s easy to play poker. Get ready to deal!

When poker was still a cool thing, I started playing poker. Because my family was always into card games, poker became a natural choice. I’m not a pro at poker. I’m just a regular person who loves to play any type of poker. Texas Hold’em is my favourite. My only “claim of fame” is the fact that I have been playing for many years in many venues. My philosophy is Poker Knowledge + Poker Skills = Poker Wins. Let me end with this thought: “There aren’t perfect poker players. Only humble souls can strive to be them.”

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